May 29: Fundraising (and Henry) update

May 29th            #AplasticAnaemia            AAT

The current fundraising stands at a whopping £19,613.56! That is a truly stunning amount and Henry and his family thank each and every one of you for your support during this challenging and demanding time. Henry’s two chosen charities will be able to do great things with the funds raised. 

This is being split between the Aplastic Anaemia Trust (60%) and Anthony Nolan (40%) 60:40. Both charities have been a huge support for Henry and his family, and – of course – thousands of other victims and their families too.

Henry has had a few ups and downs bless him, but he is hoping to return to school for a few hours a week as the summer term comes to an end.

Henry is one of the 75% of people with blood cancer, or a related disorder, who do not find a matching donor in their family.

YOU can help save a life today with Anthony Nolan or DKMS.

Donate to Henry’s chosen charities here.

May 28 (2): Save a life TODAY

May 28th (2)            DKMS            #ourHenry

Your contributions to the fundraising campaign and Henry’s chosen charities are hugely appreciated by the Young family and the More House community but there is something else we can all do for free that will help help people like Henry, which is to register for blood stem cell donation.

I sent my swab pack to DKMS a few months ago and you can do the same here.

Just fill in a few details on the website and they will let you know if you are eligible or not for the register. If you are, they will send you the swab pack for FREE. You can even send it back to the DKMS Laboratory for free. When they have analysed your swab, this data will then be made available in worldwide searches to find a donor for every person in need of a blood stem-cell donation.

If you are a match to somebody, they will get in touch with you via the contact details you provide.

Maybe you could be somebody’s Superman!

Please forward details of DKMS to all who might be eligible; usually people aged 17-40.

Please also read Henry’s story.


Thank you.

May 28 (1): World Blood Cancer Day

May 28th (1)            BloodCancer            #SupportTheCause


On World Blood Cancer Day, 28 May, and in the run up to it, put on your red clothes, scarf, wig, hat or shoes and raise awareness of blood cancer, register as a potential blood stem cell donor or make a gift to help cover the costs for registering more lifesavers.

The redder, the better!

To spread the word further, nominate friends, colleagues and family members to do the same.

What is blood cancer?

Every 35 seconds someone somewhere in the world receives a devastating diagnosis: blood cancer. Blood cancer is the general term for malignant defects in the blood-forming system.

How can I show my support?

Register as a blood stem cell donor, raise money and spread the word on your channels.

Don’t forget also to return your swab kit so we can complete your donor registration and to share your Wear It Red photos, using the hashtags #wbcd and #WearItRed .



Please forward details of DKMS and Anthony Nolan to those who might be eligible; usually people aged 17-40.

Please also read Henry’s story.


Thank you.

May 27 (2): recovery time

May 27th (2)            RecoveryTime           #Swimathon2


Mr Jones and Mr Harmer celebrate their combined 800 lengths.

Mr Place, chief stopwatcher and DJ, watches on. Who knew his legs were so short?

Yes, you guessed it (or you probably didn’t).

Mr Harmer is an absolute unit! A beast! A magnificent creature!

400 lengths completed by Mr Harmer in a shade over 90 minutes.

Mr Place was in charge of counting and timing so who knows? but he was bloody quick! 400 lengths in the time Mr Jones hadn’t even reached 230. Turns out he does triathlons in his spare time. Who knew, eh? Kept that bloody quiet!


Mr Harmer – already on his third G&T – embraces the mere mortal that is Mr Jones.

The extraordinarily generous spirit of the More House community saw over £324.45 raised during Sports Day. Thank you to all the supporters. A truly great community.


Read more about Henry, these – and even more – charitable events, and how to donate to those worthy causes, here.


Find out more about Aplastic Anaemia and the work of the AAT, visit here.


May 26: London 2 Brighton

Saturday 25th-26th May

Three Go Walking…and then some!

Neil, Julia and Nick have embarked on, and completed, their biggest challenge yet.

As you wake up to face work or play or family … give a thought to the fearless three, who completed one of the most challenging physical endurance tests they’re ever likely to do. 

Miss Collington, Mr Fitzpatrick and Mr Renton have completed their brutal London to Brighton Ultra Marathon Challenge – a 65 mile trek from London, finishing in Brighton.


Mr Renton, Miss Collington and Mr Fitzpatrick … legends one and all.

Not sure about Mr Fitzpatrick’s footwear choice, but somebody tells me he’s a GB Over 45 elite athlete … so what do I know?!


They were walking in aid of the ‘Our Henry’ appeal which has seen phenomenal community spirit and kindness and raised a remarkable amount of money for both The Aplastic Anaemia Trust and Anthony Nolan. 

Find out more about Aplastic Anaemia and the work of the AAT here.

AAT logo

To read more about fundraising efforts on Henry’s behalf, or of the aplastic anaemia trust and Anthony Nolan Trust, please visit here.


May 25: Henry’s story

Aplastic Anaemia          #ourHenry          Anthony Nolan Trust

Thanks for looking in again on Henry as he continues his recovery from chemotherapy following his debilitating battle against Aplastic Anaemia – a life-threatening bone marrow disorder.


Henry was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia in late October after feeling unwell on a school trip to Paris. He was lucky that tests back in the UK revealed what was wrong with him as Aplastic Anaemia is a serious bone marrow and blood disorder affecting just one-in-a-million people. After several months of intensive transfusions and multiple illnesses and ailments – due to his inability to produce adequate blood cells and platelets – Henry started chemotherapy in March after a donor match was found in Germany. Lucky doesn’t even come close; the majority of people with leukaemia and other related conditions do not have such fortune.

Whilst your average 17 year-old is thinking about A-Levels, university, friends, relationships, gap years, Saturday jobs, sport and leisure, parties, and all the usual … Henry’s final year of school has been quite different.

Henry has spent around half of the last six months cooped up on the paediatric cancer ward at Royal Surrey County Hospital, where he is on a first-name basis with staff. He has been hooked up to all manner of machines and drips being battered, bruised, but not beaten. The rest of the time he has spent at home, missing months of crucial schooling and teenage life. Despite his ordeal, you will rarely see him without a smile on his face or without a joke to tell. 

The only hope for any return to his prior quality of life was a stem cell (aka bone marrow) transplant; however, even this was/is no guarantee of recovery. Henry’s siblings – the most likely hope of a medical match – WERE NOT a match. After a painstaking wait, however, and a trawl of the world’s bone marrow databases, a bone marrow match was found in Germany on the DKMS database. ‘Klaus’ – a 22-year-old German – travelled to the UK in late February in time for Henry’s first round of treatment on March 1st, though that was after an additional delay of two weeks.

Early resuults show that Henry’s blood cell count and platelet levels are returning to their pre-Paris levels. Fingers continue to be crossed.

Henry in January and February

As well as having to contend with this life-altering news, Henry has also had to fight off meningitis, mouth ulcers, severe fatigue, multiple bouts of hives, tonsillitis and several other infections – all a result of his lowered immune system. Henry’s body was even rejecting platelets transfused into his body to help him fight such conditions. He has still found time though to apply for university and he has two offers in the bag. The expectation is that after a two-year ordeal involving hundreds of transfusions, a stem cell transplant and chemotherapy that Henry can move on with his life and join his friends and family on the regular version of the ‘game of life’.

Henry’s teachers hope that you are able to support their mission to raise £25’000 for two charities, the Aplastic Anaemia Trust (@AplasticAnaemia) and Anthony Nolan (@AnthonyNolan). Both these charities conduct ground-breaking research into finding cures and treatments for blood and bone marrow disorders, including Aplastic Anaemia, Leukaemia, Myeloma and Lymphoma, and both charities also offer huge support – practically and emotionally – to sufferers and their families.

Read more about Henry, these – and even more – charitable events, and how to donate to those worthy causes, here.




May 24 (2): HERO project

May 24th            #HeroProject            Anthony Nolan

You can be Heroes, takes just one day.

Anthony Nolan are still on track to visit More House School on June 14th and 19th to give a presentation about their amazing HERO PROJECT, which encourages those aged 16-30 to put themselves on the bone marrow register.

Martin Burke will be the person giving the presentation at 0900-1000 on Friday the 14th of June. On the day, he will speak with the students about blood, stem cell and organ donation. The presentation will cover how these three things can be donated and why donations are needed.

There are some sensitive issues in the presentation so students who have been affected by donation, suffered a bereavement or been touched by cancer have the option not to attend. Martin will remind students and staff before the presentation that they can leave at any time if they wish to.

At the end of the presentation, the students will have an opportunity to take away forms which allow them to sign up as blood or organ donors with NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT). Martin will remind students that we will be returning on the 19th of June to run a recruitment event whereat any interested students can directly join the Anthony Nolan register. Any students and staff aged 16-30 can register to be a donor. 


‘Swab and sign up’

Read more about the Hero project and the great work of the Anthony Nolan Trust here.


Interested in arranging a Hero Project talk for your school, workplace or organisation?

Contact Will Guest who works in the Register Development Team:

T: 0303 303 0303; M: 07788 385473; E: 

May 24 (1): Swimathon 2 TODAY!

May 24th            TODAY!           #Swimathon

#mhsswimathon2 is underway!!! 🏊🏻‍♀️🏊‍♂️


Mr Jones, true to form, has enlisted help in his quest to swim 10km.

Inspired by Mr Place’s cowardice two weeks previous, Mr Jones trawled far and wide for a support act in his aquatic endeavours and Mr Harmer, (YES!) he of Science Department fame, raised his hand and in doing so will be supporting two extraordinary causes and, more importantly, he will be limiting the chances of Mr Jones having a coronary.

Between them, the duo will swim a non-too-shabby 11km, that’s 11’000m, that’s 220 lengths of an Olympic sized swimming pools (should there be some comparison now to double-decker buses?), that’s 440 lengths of a standard pool, that is 800 LENGTHS of More House School’s pool.

Despite Mr Jones’s cowardice, it is still a fair old way.


Mr Jones on his 87th length

Find YOUR nearest pool here and get swimming today.

May 23 (2): Henry update

May 23rd            update            Anthony Nolan

The Royal Marsden has decided this week that Henry needs a top up of stem cells to boost his recovery, and hope this will be able to happen on 12th June if the original donor can manage that. Though it’s disappointing that Henry needs this, they say the process should be quicker, with fewer side effects and a good result, so fingers crossed. Today his counts are down again, so he’s having a quiet day.

Different drugs this time for immune-suppression this time, so we’ll see how that goes. Henry is regretting the lack of Jeremy Kyle for the next hospital stay!”

What will Henry watch now JK is out on his ear?

Is there a dyslexic-friendly version of Countdown?


Find out more about Aplastic Anaemia and the work of the AAT here.

To read more about fundraising efforts on Henry’s behalf, or of the aplastic anaemia trust and Anthony Nolan Trust, please visit here.